Call it dramatic, call it desperate, call it what you want, really, but our search for the best Barbie Movie-inspired pool floats was unexpectedly inspiring.
What started as an exercise in retail therapy quickly evolved into a pretty and pink reminder to do what makes us happy this summer. Float by float, we took in sights of women living their best lives on over-the-top and totally extra pool floats. It didn't matter that the women in the photos were models. They represented the frivolous and "me-first" mentality most us life-size Barbies forget, hesitate, or fail to prioritize.
Between work, homemaking, caretaking, and the ever growing sleep deficit we're running, it's easy to miss life's most carefree moments. Then again, daily tasks and family life aren't the only things keeping our Malibu-like fun at bay. If you want our honest opinion, it's our tendency to big-deal it or wait for the right time. From mom-guilt to swimsuit insecurities, we let a myriad of obstacles stand between us and a good time.
If you think this is the part where we say, "that changes today," it isn't. This is the part where we challenge you to put yourself first before summer's end, girl. Who knows? Maybe it's as simple and cheap as hoppin' on a fabulous Barbie pool float!
Live your best life, Boise girl! Treat yourself to one of our top 10 Barbie pool floats for some carefree fun.

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