Just when you thought you finally got the 'Baby Shark' song out of your head, it's making a comeback. Idaho News is reporting that the big brand Kellogg's is turning the toddler anthem into a cereal.

Soon your kids will be able to eat Baby Shark cereal while enjoying a bowl of the sugary breakfast food. There will only be a limited supply of the cereal which is scheduled to hit stores on August 17th.

If you're looking to pick up a box or two you will need to be looking at either Walmart stores or Sam's Club and since we don't have Sam's Club here in the Treasure Valley we will only be able to find it at Walmart.

The cereal seems very similar to the popular Lucky Charms brand of cereal, with berry flavored loops and miniature marshmallows. And just in case you have the urge to sing Baby Shark now... here you go!

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