Occasionally in life, you get caught with your pants down. In my case, it happened at a taco shop.

I won't say exactly which Treasure Valley taco spot this occurred at, but here's a funny story if you're looking to laugh at someone today. I went to get tacos for lunch yesterday and after I ordered, but before the food was ready, I decided I needed to go to the restroom (number one, to be specific - this was pre-tacos).

The restroom at this place was a one person room, so just a toilet and sink with mirror. No urinals or stalls or dividers. I thought I had locked the door behind me but apparently I didn't lock it enough. Next thing you know someone blasts in and we catch eye contact, in the MIRROR, which is telling. He apologized, I said nothing cause it was already weird.

Then we had to pass each other outside the bathroom and make eye contact again and pretend like that whole awkward interaction didn't JUST happen.

When were you walked in on? And is it worse to be walked in on? Or to walk in on someone? I've been in both situations in life, either way it's awkward.

By the way, the featured image is a friend of mine who is proudly displayed laughing at men above a urinal trough in Alaska.


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