One of the largest articles that trend across social media is anything about food. You post recipes with video tutorials and people just love to watch. You mention In-N-Out Burger and the entire state of Idaho shuts down with reposts.

The pandemic is definitely strengthened one business industry and that's food delivery. I randomly mentioned Mai Thai in Downtown Boise was joining Crave delivery and my wife gasped, "that's my lunch tomorrow! Really?" What is Crave?

I jumped around to read articles from BoiseDev to Nation's Restaurant News trying to learn about this new delivery service called, Crave. Well, it's not just a service that delivers fast food to your door or at the wrong door. How many times has someone sent you a text with a photo of your meal at someone else's door?

Cravy is the opposite of that experience because they offer a team of "mobile servers" that have now embarked on the Treasure Valley. First, why another delivery service? For better service? No. Crave offers a higher-end quality of food from all over the country including Boise. You can order from Boise restaurants like; Mi Almita, Mai Thai, The Grove, or Omakase. The Crave app lets you also choose dishes from Austin up the west coast through Los Angeles into Seattle's Metropolitan Grill or Elliott's Oyster House for great tasting seafood.

Imagine a 15,000-square-foot facility that is exclusive to 16 different kitchens. Each one of these is a kitchen for a business hosted by chefs representing that company. Do you want pizza delivered in Boise from World Pizza Cup Champion Tony Gemignani in 45 minutes? It's yours. Have you heard of the Meatball Shop? I'm ready to order the Baller Box right now!

The servers will deliver from Crave and be more than someone that just drops it off. You won't typically have a driver that hits 5 houses either. It's one delivery and one-stop service. They have their own vehicles and the kind of team that gets paid well. Meals should show up warm and tasty as if you were in the restaurant with great suggestions for future items by the servers.

You can't exactly get mad about a service from out of state because most restaurants have multiple destinations. Crave hires from right here in Idaho with connections to stuff you might like somewhere else.

I would expect the increase in COVID-19 vaccines, events coming back this Summer, and hopefully the end to a tragic pandemic. We want to dine-out without feeling scared for the family. In the meantime, you can try a taste from everywhere to give your home dining experience some sizzle.

This is just the beginning.

Currently at Crave for Delivery.

  • Mi Almita - Boise, Idaho
  • Mai Thai - Boise, Idaho
  • The Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, Wa
  • Elliott's Oyster House - Seattle, Wa
  • Betelnut - San Francisco, CA
  • Tony G's Pizza - San Francisco, CA
  • Rock House Sliders - Los Angeles, CA
  • Wing Dome - Seattle, WA
  • The Grove - Boise, Idaho
  • Mérité - Los Angeles, CA
  • Percolate Tea - Los Angeles, CA
  • The Peached Tortilla - Austin, TX
  • Tokyo Hot Chicken - San Francisco, CA
  • Omakase - Boise, Idaho
  • Mac 'n Cue - San Francisco, CA


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