I've been on this journey of upping my health and fitness for 6 weeks now and just this morning I hit a milestone. I'm officially down 15lbs! But more importantly I have lowered my blood pressure, increased mobility and strength, and upped my energy levels. I am thriving! Bonus, I'm fitting in clothes that have eluded my wardrobe for the better part of a year. I want to keep this momentum.

This week marks 9 years of marriage with my husband, so tonight we wanted to celebrate with a nice dinner in Boise downtown. I felt panic because the last thing I wanted to do is derail myself after finally breaking a plateau in my fitness journey. But I also have to live my life and celebrate. So we headed to my favorite spot, Mai Thai, and I'm happy to report that for the first time ever, I left feeling satisfied instead of full to the point where I can't breathe or move.

Instead of loading up on all the carby noodles and spring rolls, I ordered their spicy, salty, sour Brussel sprouts and stir fried pumpkin with seasonal vegetables. By no means were these healthy options. There's a lot of oil and sauce situations going on. But of the menu items, I chose the options that wouldn't feel so heavy in my stomach. And oh my gosh, they were delicious on a level. The side of coconut rice that accompanied the meal went straight into a to-go container for breakfast consumption tomorrow.

By the end of the meal I was completely satisfied. As a carb hoe I was worried I'd be fiending for the rice, but I listened to my body and realized I could do without. All the while my husband was chowing down at an alarming rate and ended up feeling so full he was taking deep breaths trying to digest. It was hilarious and reaffirmed my choices.

Will I see a fluctuation on the scale? Maybe. But I walked away feeling really good and not at all stressed about it. It was a successful date night with my hubby and I couldn't have asked for a better partner in crime.

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