It's no secret, the Treasure Valley is booming and growth is happening all around the region.  That is especially true in Downtown Boise as new businesses, developments, and housing keep coming. 

There have been numerous new hotels, the expanded convention space, shops and restaurants, and condos and apartments filling in what had been abandoned or under-utilized lots.

Boise civic and business leaders agree that the growth the entire region has been experiencing has been a big help to the growth in downtown.

Our news partner KTVB Newschannel 7 looked into this phenomenon and report that as major companies opt to relocate to the Treasure Valley, Downtown Boise is extra appealing and can even be used as a recruiting tool.

An indication of the health and growth of Downtown Boise is what Jennifer Hensely from the Downtown Boise Association reported to Channel 7.  In the last few months, only one business has closed down, while three have opened, and 20 more are planning to open in the immediate future.

It's no accident that Downtown Boise feels like it presents more shopping and dining opportunities.  It does.  Compared to other cities in the area, Boise offers seven time the storefronts of others.

It's not just companies setting up business downtown that's driving the growth either.  Residents of downtown obviously contribute, but outside of that, residents who live beyond Downtown Boise are bringing in an estimated 86% of retail sales.

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