Let's cut right to it. Idaho's divorce rate is 12%. Not the highest in the country, like Maine and Nevada at 14%. But not as low as California at 9%. And don't most Idahoan's want to be better than California? Now, where more people are married it makes sense that more people would be divorced. And over 72% of people in Idaho are married, which is arguably a high number. Still, marriage is for life or at least it's meant to be. So ideally 0% divorce is the goal. So how does arranged marriage factor into this equation?

Globally, the divorce rate for arranged marriages is 6.3%. And there are about 26,250,000 arranged marriages every year. Not bad. But how do Idahoans even get in on arranged marriage. Typically you think of South Asia as the hub for arranged marriage because it pretty much is. India and Pakistan practice it the most. But a Netflix docuseries about arranged marriage last summer sparked American interest in the tradition. I mean, I watched the whole thing and were I not already married it would absolutely be an option now.

Arrangedmarriages.co is a site "for millenials and zoomers tired of endless dating." Immediately the site asks you to fill out a 4 minutes long application to get started, which is free and then you're charged once you find a spouse. Shaadi.com is another site specializing in matrimony versus the standard dating like Tinder and Bumble.

They are not wasting time. And who wants to these days? Especially if you've been failing at dating based on your own toxic choices, you probably need a fresh pair of eyes from a matchmaker to makes the choices for you and help arrange a marriage better built to last. Don't knock it 'til you try it. And if it doesn't work out...you can always get divorced.


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