Solar panels are becoming more and more popular in the modern age. The promise of saving money and being green is pretty enticing. We get it.

Some sources say you should be wary, however, when shopping around for the perfect installer for your fancy new solar panels.

Lawrence Wasden, Idaho Attorney General, has some thoughts:

There are some very reputable solar companies doing business here in Idaho, but some installers aren’t always 100% honest in their representations to customers. My goal is to shed some light on the issue to make sure Idahoans are prepared and protected in the marketplace.

His sources say the issue is some companies use "misleading sales tactics" when selling their services door-to-door. Those same sources say these companies are even embellishing the benefits and pricing of their products on their social media channels.

Numerous customers claim they were promised certain "financial rewards" that never came to fruition after having their solar panels installed.

While it may not feel very common, over 90,000 homes in Idaho get their power via solar panels. With their swift gain in popularity comes numerous companies wanting to cash in on the craze. You'll want to be sure to read reviews (preferably from numerous sources), get as much word of mouth as possible, and be diligent with your research of what company you choose.

Are you powering your home with solar power? Have any of your neighbors covered their roof in black, and then bragged about how much money they're saving? Let us know on Facebook.

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