Um, is anyone missing a couple of cows? I have to preface this before I go any further by saying, this is SO on brand for Idaho...

Count your cattle - you maybe missing 1 or 2. The Ada County Sheriff's Office found a pair of cattle strolling along Black Cat Road, just north of Columbia Road, around midnight on Tuesday night. It is unclear of who these farm animals might belong to as no one has reported any missing cattle recently and despite the deputies own efforts in finding the rightful owners.

One of the cows is a Holstein and the other is a Jersey cow. Who knows how these two got loose. Maybe they just wanted to take a peaceful midnight stroll. It is a pretty romantic thing to do; I can't blame them. Regardless though, SOMEBODY is missing their cattle!

Both cows are currently safe and are being handled by the Idaho Humane Society. If anyone has any information about who these missing cows may belong to, or if you personally discover you're short a couple of cattle, the Ada County Sheriff's Office says you can call the Idaho Humane Society at (208) 343-3166.

This surely is not the first report of wondering cows on the loose here in Idaho. You may remember back in 2014 when a total of 5 cows escaped from the Pocatello, Idaho slaughterhouse in two separate incidents during the same week! It was actually a very dramatic event.

Hopefully these two can make it back home safely!

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