Personally, I'm not a fan of Thanksgiving. I have my reasons. But traditionally it's a magical time for friends and family to share a big hearty meal and make memories.  Unfortunately Covid-19 is crushing Thanksgiving plans across the country. For so many couples this will be their first time celebrating the holiday alone. So what better way to spend the time than in a themed hotel room!

Anniversary Inn is my FAVORITE find in Boise in terms of hospitality. Perhaps it's my penchant for cosplay and make-believe that draws me to this unique hotel, but how can you deny the charm in a themed room? Yes, all the suites have their own theme to set the mood whichever way you like. Obviously with the name Anniversary Inn you'll find suites specializing in bringing the romance (Hollywood Romance, Romeo and Juliet).

But there's no need to limit yourself with the variety of rooms available. Still have the election on your mind? The Presidential Suite will have you feeling like you won. Complete with a rug replica of the presidential seal, a library, and a fireplace, the only recounting you'll do after your stay is telling everyone about the great time you had.

I personally would choose the Oregon Trail Suite. All the nostalgia of the wild west  without the dysentery and death of your entire family. The bed is a covered wagon and the bathroom doors are swinging saloon doors! A genius, whoever came up with it.

For the price of feeding a big family on Thanksgiving, you can book one of these suites. Right now the November special is the Hayloft Suite and will only run you $119 for the night. The most expensive, lavish suites hit $269 a night, but you can sign up for notifications on last minute deals by sending the coordinating code of a room to their text line. You can find that information at the bottom of the description when you search details of a suite.

2020 didn't pan out how we'd hoped, might as well spice it up with some new traditions and find the silver linings where we can.


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