Warning.  This may be offensive to some.  Although we've got some great craft breweries here, the favorite beer in Idaho is made somewhere else.  See if you agree.

With St. Patty's Day tomorrow, we're feeling the need to obsess a little bit over brews, so here we go.

The most popular beer in Idaho is Bud Light, according to Brobible.  Agree?  Maybe college guys at Boise State do.  BeerAdvocate.com says Double Vision Doppelbock, Trout Hop Black IPA, and Sheepeater Scotch Ale are the best.  Those sound a little more St. Patricky.

Here's my theory on Idahoans and beer-drinking.  The warmer the weather gets, the more we reach for the refreshing Mexican-inspired beers like Corona.  When the weather is cooler in the spring, on days like St. Patty's Day, more stout beers like Sam Adams or Guinness seem to fit.  What's your favorite?  Vodka?  Me too.

By the way, Wallethub says 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed tomorrow by the St. Patrick's Day revelers.  I think that's just in Kuna, and maybe Nampa too.  (LOL and wink wink.)

Actually, it says that's a worldwide number.  In other words, Boise will do it's part too. Seriously, happy St. Patty's Day, however you choose to celebrate.

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