Ladies, are you so madly in love with your guy that you want him in your personal space at least 17 hours per day?  Jennie McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg are newlyweds and perhaps the most affectionate couple ever.  See if you relate to just how close they are.

Eonline says Jennie and Donnie spend as much time as they can together, and in fact they aren't apart for more than seven hours at a time.  And Donnie says, "I can't even let her go to the bathroom without me. It's very bizarre and awesome."  They are together almost all the time, always touching each other and kissing, and looking at each other like the other one hung the moon.  Sickening or something to aspire to?

You know what's super cool about these two love birds?  Jennie is 42 and Donnie is 45, and they didn't meet and fall in love until later in life, and they're proof that true love can find us after a failed relationship or two.  That's awesome!

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