There is no doubt that every business is feeling the pinch during the pandemic. Reports are coming in now that we're expecting to reach the worse during flu season. It's pretty scary when you hear it could be a "dark time" for the nation.

You could also say it's been a very dark moment for theaters across the country. We've already seen that Regal Cinemas is shutting doors and moving are heading to digital like Mulan to Disney+. AMC isn't quitting yet.

AMC Theaters just announced to put out a special promotion to drive people in with safety precautions designed for you. The catch is we only have one in Idaho and that's about 3 hours away in Chubbuck, Idaho.

I'm writing this because I travel to my wife's family out in Oakley which is almost 3 hours away. Idahoans just travel. This might work if you're looking to camp with a group of friends, rent out a movie theater, and head home. That's fun.

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You will see throwback movies with friends for $99. You want to host the event by the microphone and be the star of the show? Add another $100 and it's yours. Do you want to mix up some margaritas in the concession area? Just bring your own mixer and it's on! That's not true about alcohol but who knows what the future holds.

This is a way AMC can get you inside spending money, keep things socially safe with 20 people, and remain relevant during such a difficult time. Plus, sit where you want because it's yours for the duration of the movie.

So, no this isn't happening in Boise. However, this could be a trend that is starting a few hours away. There are a lot of people not traveling because of the pandemic and this might be a fun trip.

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