Adele is an amazing singer and it's not very often you can say a cover is even better than one of her songs, but this I think is better than her version of "Send My Love" which is pretty impressive considering there are no instruments in this version.

It's by the group KHS and it features four people singing and clapping. Their names are: SAM TSUI, MADILYN BAILEY, ALEX G and KURT SCHNEIDER

Yep you heard right, all that music comes from just their voices with the rhythm coming from all from playing patty cake. Now that isn't all, they all have some pretty amazing voices, which would be pretty much mandatory, if you are covering an Adele song

Take a listen...what do you think?



And for those of you who think that maybe that they really can't sing and patty cake and that the Adele cover might be auto-tuned take a look at them doing another song live