That just happened. I think most of us expected this would be the next step from the Central District Board of Health as they held a vote on Tuesday.

You will now be mandated to wear your mask in the Ada County area. We saw Boise make this official as we began the 4th of July weekend and now everyone needs to mask up.

This comes after a post I wrote regarding free masks being given out by Ada County at Expo Idaho. The votes were almost unanimous with 5-1. I'm looking at Ada County's Facebook page and it reads,

Mandatory mask order now in effect for all of ada county.

KTVB is reporting that you could face a misdemeanor charge by a fine, imprisonment, or both.

You might see everyone follow and soon the entire state could be under a mandate. You can find masks for cheap anywhere online right now. If you want to go into a store I bought some for my kids at Target that works great for $4. Most of those masks come with two masks for kids and parents.

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