For many students lunch is their favorite time of the day, or at least is always was with me. Whether you brought your own lunch most days or you bought from the cafeteria everyone knows the taste of certain grade school lunches like the rectangular pizza.

If you've always wondered how those amazing cafeteria workers made that certain pizza, click here to check out their recipe. I was shocked to see there is a website called that had the exact recipe laid out for anyone who wants to recreate that flavor of the pizza they were served in grade school.

I though it was hilarious when looking at the ingredients that you will need to use imitation mozzarella shreds, because no school district was paying for real cheese.

Unfortunately, there is no current information on how they made their other infamous recipes like Turkey Gravy or Green Hot Dogs. If that information ever gets posted I will make sure to pass it along, although I'm not really sure you will ever want to know what was in those Hot Dogs.

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