I love stories like these involving celebrities brightening up their fans. I'm even more excited when It's a local friend of ours like Aaron Paul. I use friends not because I'm invited for the holidays but you feel like that with Aaron.

We've seen the parades during COVID-19 through neighborhoods wishing friends a happy birthday, anniversaries, and graduation. Have you ever seen Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston rolling through your street? I found them.

Aaron Paul grew up in Emmett, Idaho, graduated from Centennial High School right here in Boise and the rest is history. Aaron is currently on HBO's Westworld and most known for playing Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. Oh, this guy has Emmy's and the awards keep coming. He recently went on a business venture friend Bryan Cranston who was his co-star in Breaking Band. They've taken their brand on the road to wish fans happy birthday, virtually.

You can see Aaron and Bryan on these Ipads lifted up by robotic like stand-up machines. It's the best virtual happy birthday thing I've seen so far. You can see them both wishing fans happy birthday and just being fun. I feel like what you see is what you get with Aaron whether on the screen, in an interview or showing up to your virtual birthday crashing the event.

This world and our country is being tested right now and to see people lifting up others with something so silly as a birthday wish it's awesome. They probably didn't haven't submit who they were voting for in the 2020 election or what they do for work. This was just the day they were born and this was how Aaron with Bryan turned it into something.

Aaron Paul wrote about a child abuse prevention event that I lead every April. I brought this child abuse prevention event from Spokane, Washington. I plan and taking it to the next level right here on Mix 106 in 2021. Aaron supported the cause by posting this.

That dude is awesome and won't forget that. The new Mezcal company Aaron and Bryan own is called, Dos Hombres. You can't purchase it in Idaho yet but hopefully, we'll see it here very soon. I can't wait to taste this stuff!

Check out the video from Instagram about his birthday crashing with Bryan Cranston.

Aaron's wife Lauren is equally as amazing. I love how Lauren and her friend Molly Thompson developed a company called, The Kind Campaign. This is about girl-to-girl bullying and how to stand up for these little women. October is National Bullying Prevention Month and this is a place to save and follow on Instagram.

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