It's something that Eagle residents (and their four-legged friends) have been asking for for many years - a dog park!  The Eagle Chamber of Commerce announced on their Facebook page, that a new dog park is under construction. The City of Eagle has partnered with PETIQ - Pet Products to turn the dream of many pups into a reality.

The project is reportedly still in its very early stages of planning. Just over two acres of land will be transformed into the perfect pasture for puppy play in the next few months. Construction on the dog park will include small and large dog enclosures, a gated dog leashing/unleashing area, a dog waste disposal station, and a short extension of the existing parking lot.

You and your dog can expect the park to be open as early as April of this year, just in time for warmer weather. The dog park will be located at the Ada/Eagle Sports Complex (corner of E. Floating Feather Rd. and N. Horseshoe Bend Rd.)

In the meantime though, there's several other dog parks to enjoy in the Treasure Valley. There's Storey Bark Park in Meridian which has both artificial turf and real grass. Morris Hill Dog Park off of Roosevelt Street has designated areas for smaller dogs and larger dogs, which is nice if your dog is easily intimated or is usually the one who does the intimidating. Last but not least, is the Together Treasure Valley Dog Island at Ann Morrison Park. It's one of the most popular dog parks in the area and is known for its open space and friendly dogs.

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