He taught himself to play guitar and spent over a thousand hours writing the new musical that's about the debut at Rocky Mountain High School.  The story is pretty incredible.

18-year old Porter Jeppson just decided he was going to write a musical, and he did it.  He spent hours and hours perfecting the plot and writing the lines and the music, and the finished product debuts next week at Rocky Mountain High School in Meridian.

His theater teacher, Erin Davidson, has been supportive, and she was one of the first to read the manuscript once Jeppson had finished it.  As Boise Weekly puts it, she may have been humoring him when she agreed to take a look at it, but it was good!  And it's about to come to life on stage, with the help of the actors in the theater program at Rocky Mountain High.

Jeppson has dealt with health issues that have landed him in the hospital at different times over the past several months, and he credits music with getting him through some of those tough times.  And, hints about some of the challenges he's been through may surface in the musical.

Original: In Progress, is about a group of teens overcoming adversity, and it will be performed at Rocky Mountain High School, Wednesday, Feb. 22-Saturday, Feb. 25.

The school is at 5450 N. Linder Road in Meridian, and tickets are $6 general admission, $5 for students and available at the door.

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