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She didn't have the passion for our city when she moved from New York but over the years, Red Sky PR firm CEO, Jess Flynn is now calling herself a born-again Boisean. And, just a note: Boise isn't the next Bend, it's not the next Austin and it's not the next Boulder. It's the next Boise. Pronounced "boy-see" by the way. This love letter to Boise reminds us why we love it so much. 

We can make Top 10 list after Top 10 list (which is great) but you have to be here to truly appreciate what Boise has to offer. It's not just the city and suburbs, it's the atmosphere, the feeling, the people, the experience.

Jess Flynn, who runs the Boise-based PR firm Red Sky wrote a love letter a few months back and it's such an awesome reflection of what our city is like AND how it naturally draws people in.

What can we say? It's infectious.

I grew up in the northwest and have moved to several large cities over the years but found my way back home. The thing is, Boise feels more like home than my actual hometown of Spokane, Washington. There's a vibe and this feeling of being accepted. When moving into our home, I told my husband that things were "right". I couldn't explain the feeling any other way.

After reading Love Letter: Boise, I got all fired up with excitement again.

Read Jess' letter HERE.

If you had to choose one, what feeds your hometown pride?