How cool is this kid's story?

He didn't want any girls to feel left out, so he sent a Valentine to every single girl in his school. That was over a thousand Valentines!

He wanted to be anonymous initially, but if you're that cool the word is going to get out and it's going to be super hard to stay incognito.  Nice goin' Dan Williams in Edmond, Oklahoma!

The local TV station there got ahold of the story and posted it, and I bet it goes viral this week.

Dan worked all last summer to save enough money for his Valentine surprise, and he kept it under wraps for months.  Instead of spending all that money he earned on new jeans, an iPod, and an xBox, he sent candy and cards to 1076 girls for Valentine's Day. Meanwhile, other guys across the country probably complained about having to buy a card and produce a bouquet of flowers for one girl.  Lesson learned?

Dan is the new gold standard for Valentine's Day love and good deeds!  I bet he has no trouble getting a date after this.