A Boise woman battling stage IV metastatic breast cancer just went three days without eating after she was unable to find the food she needs. She claims it is due to people hoarding food over the coronavirus pandemic. She wants to send a message that the "panic buying needs to stop."

Lynda Shayne is on hospice and the only food she can stomach because of her cancer treatments is peanut butter and jelly. Recently, Lynda wasn't able to get her usual supplies.

Lynda typically does all of her shopping online because she is unable to drive and it's become very hard for her to find what she needs. She encourages people to think of their neighbors and leave things for them instead of hoarding it all for yourself.

Lynda emphasizes to KTVB that she is far from the only person that has been going without. For example, she says she has elderly neighbors who are sick and have been having a hard time finding what they need.

She shares an important message that needs to be taken seriously. We need to think about our neighbors and stop being so selfish. I truly believe we can get through this if we all band together and help each other.

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