A 19-year old Boise man entered a guilty plea to misdemeanor fireworks use Wednesday morning. Whether that Roman Candle is to blame for the Table Rock fire has yet to be determined.

The Table Rock fire last summer ate up 2600 acres of land and threatened dozens of homes, and made many of us sick and sad over the blackened landmark.

The Idaho Statesman says Taylor Kemp denied having anything to do with the fire for months, but entered a guilty plea in court Wednesday and admitted that he shot off a Roman Candle, which could have started the blaze.  The next step is for the judge to hold evidentiary hearings to determine whether that Roman Candle was the reason that the fire started, or if something else contributed.

Ada County bans fireworks in the Foothills between June 1 and October 31 because of the fire risk.  The Table Rock fire broke out in late June, 2016.

If prosecutors are able to prove that the fire started because of the illegal fireworks, they could push to hold Kemp responsible, and make him pay restitution for the firefighting costs.  There are reports that the total was between $340,000 and $400,000.

There's a hearing coming up March 20th and the judge will consider restitution claims then.

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