This past week we shared a story asking what in the world was going on at the now-closed restaurant, Hyde House. Like a lot of people in the neighborhood (and on social media), we heard various rumors about the sudden closure. Upon taking a closer look, we discovered a note on the door of the business that seemed to indicate that Hyde House owed money to someone or multiple people.

Photo by Chris Cardenas/TSM Boise
Photo by Chris Cardenas/TSM Boise

Now, another local restaurant is stepping up to help the employees affected by the sudden closure. Paddles Up Poké, located at 237 N. 9th Street in Boise shared in a post on Facebook that they will be covering the final checks of Hyde House employees.

We live in one of the most amazing cities in the country. I’m glad bad things travel so quickly in Boise, so we can have the opportunity to make it right.

We can’t argue with that! Word sure does travel fast in Boise!

My son asked me at dinner the other day what I did today to make someone’s day ... At Paddles Up we love our team. They are family. I invest a lot into them. Sometimes it doesn’t pay off, but most of the time it does. We have decided to cover the loss of all Hyde House former employees final check. Boise, we love you. You’re special. Don’t lose sight of that. Let’s all do something this week to make someone’s day!


While it’s unfortunate this incident happened to the employees of Hyde House, it’s certainly a heartwarming feeling to know that local businesses like Paddles Up Poké are there to back the community. Hats off to owners Dan and Laura Landucci who according to the website for Paddles Up Poké,  are Boise State Alumni and have worked in the community for the past decade. Cheers to another reason to support local businesses!

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