The 12 Strays of Christmas continues tomorrow on The New Mix Morning Show with Mike and Nicole just after 8am.

Each weekday until December 19, we will feature a dog waiting to be adopted from the Meridian Canine Rescue. The goal is to empty out the shelter before the holidays to give each precious pup a warm and loving forever home!

Is your family looking for a new family member this Christmas?

Our friends at Camp Bow Wow are providing all dogs adopted during Mike and Nicole's 12 Strays of Christmas a generous gift as well! FIVE days of doggy daycare at either one of their two Treasure Valley locations. (3430 S Tk Ave, Boise or 2134 E Franklin Rd, Meridian) How awesome is that?!

Once the pups leave the Mix 106 studio each day, they will visit The PULSE Running & Fitness Shop in Meridian from 10 a.m.-12 p.m. So, anyone interested in meeting and playing with dog, can do so!

Also, a huge thank you to Dawn Burkhart of Boise Pet Photography for taking such beautiful photos of these dogs before they find their forever families!

Follow along on and our Facebook page each day to see the dogs featured! Please share their photos and bios with your friends and family who may be looking to add a furry friend to their family!

Stray #9 - Thursday, December 14
If you’re looking for an active dog who’s past the puppy stage but still more than happy to play with your kids in the backyard for hours, then Arius is your man. He’s about 6 years old, and he’s fully vetted. Other than people, Arius’s favorite things in life are toys and food. And food puzzles, which are the best of both worlds.
Arius was surrendered to that shelter by a family who had him for just six days. The family consisted of three very young children and one other dog, and they had received Arius as a “gift.” They reported that Arius was friendly toward all of the people in the home but not the other dog. He didn’t have accidents in the house. He played gently, he met strangers well, and he demonstrated some basic commands. They recommended a home with children but without other animals when they surrendered him, and we are going to recommend the same for now.
Read Arius's full bio HERE!

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