The One

Finding a coffee shop to call your own can be a feat of trial and error. Back when I was a remote worker, it took me multiple tries and an obscene amount of caffeine to get it right. My search for "the one" included non-negotiable features that included:

  • Friendly baristas
  • Superb coffee
  • Free drip refills, and/or a generous rewards program
  • Solid Wi-Fi and a bounty of outlets
  • Comfortable seating
  • The "right" kind of white noise; not too loud, not too quiet
  • Convenient location between Star and Boise

As basic as I thought my non-negotiables were, my quest was a bust. Certain coffee shops were great at some times but less so during others. If the baristas were fabulous, the coffee was hot garbage. If the Wi-Fi was spot-on, the white noise level was too loud, or worse, put-me-to-sleep-quiet. Yeesh.

After some had passed, I embraced the idea that no single coffee shop fit the bill entirely. That's when it hit me.

My Cup Runneth Over

Why settle for one coffee shop when I can have them all? What was I afraid of? Coffee shop infidelity? It sounds silly, but yeah. All my life I've been an enthusiastic brand loyalist. I latch on to a stellar brand, company, or service that makes me swoon, and then I stick to it like brown on coffee beans.

But desperate times called for coffee hoe'ish measures. Full-time remote work coupled with homework for my bachelor's kicked my loyalist ways to the curb. I was hitting two different coffee shops a day, five days a week. And you know what? It was awesome. I was reaping all the benefits while circumventing each shop's shortcomings.

Listed below are my favorite Boise-area coffee shops. Each one is fantastic in its own way, but coupling them with one another was where I found the magic balance!

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