This past weekend (Labor Day weekend) Savannah and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary with a trip to Whitefish, MT. We had this trip planned all the way back in December when we bought the trip from a charity auction and set the plans immediately to make this our special trip. The trip was fun but we found out some things that we like and don't like when making more trip plans in the future.

Arriving Thursday night we found Whitefish to be very quiet, not very many people in town or up on the mountain. Which was perfect, a nice relaxing start to the trip. Friday was our anniversary so we got up and had breakfast at the Buffalo Cafe, then walked around downtown looking at different local shops.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

I failed to mention earlier that for this trip we decided to bring our dogs Koda and Gypsy and unfortunately they had a rough trip. Gypsy became sick on the way up to Whitefish and threw up in the truck. Obviously not her fault, but not the best scent ever.

So, Friday after coming back from visiting downtown and going to the top of Whitefish Mountain we got a call from the lady we were renting the vrbo from saying the Koda and Gypsy were backing and causing a disturbance to another renter. Ugh, this is the last thing we wanted to have happen. But she said if it happened again we would have to vacate the property so it kinda put a damper on the rest of the weekend as we didn't want to leave the dogs alone anymore to disturb the neighbors.

Billy Jenkins

All in all it was a great weekend, very relaxing and peaceful on Whitefish Mountain. Soon I will post the video going down the Alpine Slide on the mountain, it was so much fun! Savannah and I have decided we will be boarding the dogs moving forward on all vacations. And it's always nice to return home and sleep in our own beds!