As we start to get back to normal and restaurants start opening their dining rooms, we can still expect to see some stark difference for a very long time. Here's what you can expect. 

According to and from what I have observed, we'll see...

1. More people eating outdoors on the patio. When weather permits, that will be the best option to be social, but not too close for comfort and it eliminates poorly ventilated areas.

2. Servers wearing masks. We're already getting very used to seeing this in the grocery stores, but expect them at restaurants and retail stores as well.

3. Temperature Taking. I went to the Meridian City Hall earlier this week and they required a temperature scan. I was amazed at how quick and easy it was. I think we willl see more and more of this as businesses re-open. Roaring Springs has already stated that they will be taking temperatures.

4. Ordering on-line for dine-in. This could eliminate the use of menu's and the spread of germs. Many restaurants may even have you order off your phone before you arrive. We'll probably see paying in this fashion more and more too.

5. Food pick-up stations. Limiting the number of people that touch your plate limits the spread of germs. This is not good for the waiter who needs the work, but it may be our new reality.

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