I've decided all of a sudden I'm into hiking. I hate running, but I need a good leg workout because that's where I tend to carry my weight. So, I did some digging and if you want to do some easy hiking too, here's 4 hikes to try out. 

1. Hike up the back side of Table Rock. You can't drive up there right now, so go for a little 1/2 mile hike instead! It's way easier than the traditional climb, but it get you moving and offers some incredible views.

2. Dry Creek Trail in the Boise Foothills. If you choose to do the entire trail, it is around 7 miles one way. That's a little much or me. However,  most people stop at the confluence of Dry Creek and Shingle Creek, two miles from the trailhead before turning around. Most of the trail is relatively flat, which makes it good in my book.

3. Moore's Mountain Trail at Bogus Basin. It's a beautiful short loop that overlooks the entire Boise National Forest from all directions.  Mores Mountain offers three short loops; 1 mile, 1.3 miles and 2.1 miles, which is great for someone who isn't in great shape like me.

4. Camel's Back. You can do the traditional steep climb or go around back and hike down through some of the trails. That's what I did last time I went to Camel's Back and it was a little easier.

That's all I've discovered so far. Thanks to visitidaho.org for getting me started.  I don't want to drive too far, but do you have any other ideas for a beginner hiker like me in the Boise area? All recommendations are much appreciated.

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