The transition from your 20s to your 30s is wild.

Remember pulling four-drink all-nighters then walking around looking like a Neutrogena add the next day? Fast forward to 34, and all it takes is disrupting our rem cycle with a quick trip to the commode to wreck our morning.

DEPRESSING BUT REAL things that happen after 30

  • Hangovers haunt us for days.
  • Grocery shopping is now a form of self-care.
  • 9 p.m. bedtime becomes a life goal.
  • Heartburn now betrays our love of pizza & pie.
  • Wrinkles. There's an 11 between our brows now. *Sigh*
  • Function now trumps fashion, ya'll. Supportive shoes have become a priority.
  • Gray's unfair and everywhere.
  • Birth, death, & wedding announcements inundate our newsfeeds.
  • We're frequently crabby for no reason.
  • Sagging skin...the joy.
  • We seek out ways to dress up sweat pants.
  • Our therapy and utility bills are roped into one category now.
  • Our Snapware collection is a flex at cookouts.
  • We look forward to breaking plans we never intended to live up to.
  • An hour at the dentist is as appealing as an hour at the spa.
  • We watch our kids' cartoons when the kids aren't around.

And that's just the tip of the ice berg, friend. Up next, we're breaking down all the things that do not serve us in our 30-something years.

Scroll through our gallery of habits, behaviors, activities, and proclivities you're better off ditching after 29! 

30 Things That Stop Being Cool In Boise When You Turn 30

It's true what they say. Every thing changes when you turn 30. Your metabolism, your interests, your sleep habits, even the sounds your body will's all different.

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And why wouldn't they? From the Gem State's great outdoors, to its one-of-a-kind Boise attractions, Idahoans are never at a loss for things to do.

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Friends, Not Foes

🥔 Contrary to the bad wrap they so often receive, California transplants bring a lot to the table here in Idaho.

From their environmentally-savvy ways to how much they support local and family-owned businesses, Californians have several positive attributes that contribute to and enhance Idaho living.

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