Growing up, did you ever pull the "I'm not touching you" finger-near-your-sibling's-face bit?


Yeah? So did we. This is kind of like that, but for grown-ups. Check out the 22 wicked ways we'd slightly inconvenience Boise if given the opportunity. From petty to first-world-problems-evil, we delightfully went there.
PS, 21 is hardly wicked, petty, or evil, but we knew most people would huff-and-puff over it, thus it made the list.

22 Wicked Ways We'd Love to Slightly Inconvenience Boise

Check out the 22 delightfully wicked ways we'd love to slightly inconvenience Boise if given the opportunity.

FYI: no need to call us out for it, we're proud to be Petty Boise Betties.

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