If you aren't in the Halloween mood just yet, this should do the trick as the 1988 Beetlejuice movie is going to be shown here in Boise. The movies is open to kids of all ages on Tuesday, October 16th starting at 7 p.m. at The Egyptian Theatre. If you are a big Tim Burton fan we expect to see you there and you're encouraged to bring all your friends and family to the showing.

If you dress up as your favorite character from the film you have a chance to win prizes! If you really want to help set the mood for the movie you can bring your own carved pumpkin and it will be lit and put around the stage. Just for putting that much effort into it you will be rewarded with some treats and you're more than welcome to take your pumpkin back home with you.

Tickets that are bought online cost $9 each and the doors for the event will open one hour before the show (at 6 p.m.). If you wait until the day of the show, after 1 p.m. the ticket cost will increase to #11 per ticket. If 150 tickets fail to sell, no payments will be collected and no movie will be screened. So, make sure to tell your friends and family member to be there... or at least buy a ticket in advance so everyone else can enjoy it.

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