I have been working off Parkcenter Blvd in this building for 13 years. My career has been all over the map when it comes to working hours. This means I've been up and down Broadway in every restaurant, bar, grocery store, and gas station.

It's always shocking to hear bad things happen especially when it's robbery. We had a robbery that just happened minutes from our studio and the suspect is still on the loose.

The Boise Police Department posted to their Twitter a few hours ago details and descriptions of the suspect. Things happened around drive time this morning at 7:25 AM on Broadway around the 2500 block. The robber walked in claiming to have a weapon in possession.

I'm not sure how much or what the individual was able to leave with at this point. It doesn't look like anyone was hurt and the suspect got away on a blue mountain bike. Authorities searched the area immediately after with no arrests. The Boise Police Department is asking for your help to find this person.

The person BPD is looking for is described to have facial hair under the mask worn, approximately 5' 6" tall with a stalky build. Don't be a hero. Call 911, (208) 343-2677, 343COPS.com, or message @CSofSWidaho to be anonymous. These types of things are always scary because what would you have done in that situation? There are a lot of people in dire situations losing jobs due to the pandemic. If you run into a situation like this it isn't worth it. Don't take chances because you never know.

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