Is it possible that Idaho could be heading in the right direction in the coronavirus fight? It feels like we hear so much news from all sources that today was interesting.

Gov. Brad Little caught a lot of attention today by announcing that Idaho will move from Stage 2 to Stage 3 in the Stages of Re-opening plan.

What does this mean because I thought we had new strains of this virus lurking across the country? Well, that is true. I don't know what that will have to do with our stage but cases of the coronavirus are trending down. If we continue to trend down regarding the virus Stage 3 will then move to Stage 4. This would be the final stage and if we hit that and cases continue to drop that might be it.

Take that very lightly considering we're still quite a way from that actual moment. I'm trying to look forward through this dreadful maze we're living in to see what it could look like. Idaho has administered 131,909 doses of the vaccine as we speak with more being administered every hour.

We already know that the distribution of newer versions of the vaccines continues to get approval. We could really be headed in the right direction that great for everyone in the Treasure Valley. This doesn't mean to let down your guards yet though. I think we've all be getting accustomed to the current way of life and that helps keep us safe.

Let's hope we continue to move in the best direction for all of us. I'll post more details including the dashboard regarding the Idaho dose distribution below.

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