We all know the saying "You can't win if you don't play", and after hearing this don't be shocked if you see more people purchasing lottery tickets in Idaho. The Idaho State Lottery just announced that $176 million dollars in prize money was given out in 2018 to lottery players, and $53.5 million was returned to the state of Idaho. The huge numbers were first relayed by KBOI.

Since first getting started in 1989 the Idaho State Lottery has given back nearly $870 million dollars to the state of Idaho and expects to deliver another $500 million over just the next decade looking at how lottery players are increasing.

Lots of the money that is generated by the lottery is used for Idaho public buildings and a variety of different school projects. So, next time you swing by the store to grab something for dinner or stopping to fill up your gas tank. You are helping the state of Idaho and hopefully become the next big lottery winner from Idaho!

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