For most of us the Boise River is a place for floating, fishing, and sometimes just sitting back, relaxing and watching that beautiful water flow through the Treasure Valley.  For others, this place of joy and relaxation becomes a nightmare.  A place they wish never existed and a place they don't want to see ever again.

For one family here in the Treasure Valley this is a reality.  The Idaho Statesman just reported the identity of a 16-year-old boy who was at the Boise River with his friends, having a good time on July 30, 2018.  That good time quickly turned into tragedy when his friends could no longer find him.  They searched for hours, called authorities and eventually his body was recovered the next day.  Details on what happened and his identity was kept quiet to allow authorities time to properly notify the family and then to allow the family to mourn and to tell those close to them without the media being shoved down their throats.

We do know now that this 16-year-old boy was Rigoberto Alvarenca-Coello.  Rigoberto's body has been examined by the Ada County Coroner's Office and they've concluded that he had died from an accidental drowning.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rigoberto's family.

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