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At a time when social media and device overload have taken over, how do Netflix binges factor into our relationships? According to the 2016 study, Let's Stay Home and Watch TV: the benefits of shared media use for close relationships, the couple that binges together, stays together.

Did you catch that, Boise lovebirds? A researched-backed study published by London's King's College says Netflix and chill is the key to a lasting relationship!

If you're in need of further persuasion, so were we at first. Fortunately for us all, Thought Catalogue, a relationship-savvy women's magazine, read the study in its entirety and broke it down into 10 key points. But of all the terrific points the relationship specialists made, we felt Boise couples would connect with one the most.

The #1 Reasons Netflix is Good for Boise Couples 

Intimacy, friendship, and physical affection abound for couples who Netflix together. From couch cuddles, to sharing the highs and lows of a thrilling show together, Thought Catalogue shared a report by the American Journal of Family Medicine that states:

Couples who are physically intimate (holding hands, kissing on the lips and face, cuddling, hugging, caressing one another or giving/receiving massages) have greater conflict resolution skills and higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

Netflix for the Win

Boise couples, if all you want for Christmas is Netflix and chill, we got you. Cruise through our gallery of 12 best-loved holiday movies you and your better half can binge tonight! Some are old, and some are new, but all of them are perfect for you!

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