Boise State is one of the most successful college football programs in America.  So why are members of 'Bronco Nation' passing on attending home games?  Boise State has an unprecedented level of success rivaling traditional college football powers Ohio State and Alabama.  Fans are taking a beating for not going to games.  The following are a few reasons why home attendance has been declining in the last few years.

Our goal is not to 'blame' any group but to objectively point out where the problem is.

1. Missing Chris Peterson and Kellen Moore. Every college football power has their era. A great coach and a great quarterback. We were blessed to have both of them at the same time. Some coaches, except a Nick Saban or an Urban Myer, never achieve the success they had with that one special quarterback. See Bob Stoops or Philip Fulmer.

2. Too many night games. Yes, we all know that the ESPN Cartel and their big money run college football. Yes, Boise State needs the money and exposure. However, life is about tradeoffs, and the late games have alienated diehard fans.

3. Lack of Success in the Mountain West Conference. When's the last time the Broncos dominated as they did in the old WAC? By the way, what's the difference between the MWC and the WAC? Boise State dominated one and is not an overwhelming factor in the other.

4. Too many home losses. Remember when TCU came in and beat the Broncos at home? That was big news. The Blue was an advantage. Tonight's opponent, New Mexico, defeated BSU on their last visit to Boise.

5. As Shania Twain likes to sing, 'Dance with the one who Brung Ya.' BSU raised tickets prices, and if you wanted to attend big time home games, you had to buy a season ticket package. The administration said they were just doing what other programs did when it comes to ticket sales. BSU billed itself nationally as the underdog but acted like everyone else when it came to their fans.

6. The dismissal, without public input, of the popular wrestling program. Some may say it was the right move and that will be discussed, however the way it was handled left an unnecessary mark on the administration.

7. Dr. Kustra gets political. Just as ESPN is finding out with Jamele Hill and President Trump, BSU is dealing with Dr. Kustra criticizing Congressman Labrador who is running for governor. No one wins when the face of the university is talking politics and not how to get into a power five conference. Adding insult to injury, was Congressman Labrador's response questioning Kustra's leadership.

8. The curse of Chris Peterson. Bryan Harsin is a local guy who is a product of the Treasure Valley. He, like Coach Pete, cannot keep assistant coaches. He's lost both coordinators who've moved on to bigger jobs. It's the nature of the business. Have success, get more money. Without the consistency in the coaching staff, recruiting and winning suffer.

9. Who is the starting quarterback? No one wins with a quarterback controversy. It splits the team, fans, and coaches.

10. I miss Gene Bleymaier, the father of the Blue. Gene worked tirelessly to make Boise State a national brand. Part of that was scheduling big time opponents. Gone our Georgia and Virginia Tech, replaced by Troy and University of Louisiana something.

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