As we all know the holidays are here, we have only a matter of weeks until we celebrate Christmas. Which means millions of travelers around the world will be jumping on flights to spend time with family. While a majority of all people are looking forward to spending time with loved ones sometimes just getting home can be a nightmare. AIG Travel recently put together a list of the 10 most extreme travel nightmares, let's just hope you've never had anything this bad happen to you while traveling.

  1. Have a man die one row over from you on a plane
  2. Passengers joke about a bomb threat causing a major delay of the flight
  3. Being physically choked by another passenger
  4. Three emergency landings before arrival at the destination
  5. Rerouted when almost there after being struck by lightening
  6. Being vomited on by a child
  7. Breaking a foot after getting tangled in a suitcase strap
  8. Spending five nights in an airport because hotel accommodations fell through
  9. Flying in a thunderstorm and being asked to get in crash position for the landing
  10. Getting robbed or pickpocketed

While I don't travel all the time, I have been on my fair share of flights and none of these crazy things have happened to me. I've had flights delayed, but that's as bad as it's ever been for me.

Have you ever had to deal with extreme travel nightmares? What is the worst experience you've had?

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