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This is The Wealthiest Person in Idaho
People who have this kind of money live on an entirely different planet! I can't imagine being able to buy anything and not having to worry about being able to pay my bills. Can you guess who the richest person in Idaho is? The answer may surprise you!
Breakups Are More Painful Now Than Ever Before
I used to think breakups were probably only super painful if you lived in a smaller city like Boise, cause the chances of running into your ex were higher than they would be in a big city. Doesn't Sam Hunt have a song called "Break up in a small town?" Well, now it doesn't matter…
San Francisco TV Station Encouraging Viewers To Move To Boise
I recently saw a stat that said if your household income was less than $117,000 annually in San Francisco, you were living below the poverty line, so I guess it makes sense that people are looking to get out. Now, a Bay Area TV station seems to be encouraging it!
Boise Restaurants You Wish Would Come Back
We often focus on what we don't have. We dream of In-N-Out burgers and we're sad whenTreasure Valley stores close their doors. Let's reflect on the good 'ole days. If you've been in the Boise area for a long time, what restaurants have shut down that you wish would come back…
Best BBQ in Boise
I was curious where the best BBQ in Boise is? A study from shows the "Best BBQ in Idaho" but I'm not willing to drive to where they say the best BBQ is, so I'm on a mission to find the Best BBQ in Boise!
Boise Lowe’s Hiring 150 Employees
If you're out of a job, or looking to make some extra cash, Lowe's in Boise is hiring 150 employees as they ramp up to help people complete their Spring home projects.
We’re All Rubbing Bacteria On Our Faces Daily
And maybe it's better with the dryer climate in Boise? Scientists have figured out the limit of how many times you should use a towel before washing it and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty gross.

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