Cleveland Man Involved in Easter Shooting Found Dead
Steve Stephens is the Cleveland man wanted for killing a 74-year-old man and uploading the video to Facebook Easter Sunday. He was found dead inside a car in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Stephens said he had killed 13-15 people and he wasn't stopping until he heard from his ex...
BREAKING: Shots Fired in Boise
The Ada County Sheriffs Office is reporting this afternoon that shots have been fired near a Treasure Valley Neighborhood.
Officer Involved Shooting and Fatality in the Foothills
A man threatened hikers and their pets in the foothills today.
Boise Police received several calls about a man threatening joggers in the area. When officers began to engage the suspect, he fired his weapon. Police fired back, and once they secured the area and shut down roads for public safety, they…
A Go Fund Me Account for Boise Police Officer Involved in Shooting
In just one day, more than $30,000 has been raised for a Boise police officer involved in a shooting who is said to have significant injuries and will need long term medical care.
It was the shooting we talked about on Friday that involved two officers, a police dog, and the suspect of a double shoot…

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