Take that COVID-19. Thanksgiving will be like everything else in 2020, completely different. I can't even tell you what the current status is on flying. I know we shouldn't but airlines aren't shut down.

Most of the people I know are staying home including my family. This will be the first time my wife has been away from her family on Thanksgiving. That's where Zoom comes in.

When you think of video conferencing for business or friends you hear about Zoom. It's free in 40 minutes intervals and you can host up to 100 people at no cost. CNN announced that Zoom will be doing something special on Thanksgiving Day this year. Zoom plans on giving you unlimited video conferencing on Thanksgiving through the following day. This means they will lift the 40-minute time limit so you can conference your entire family and just keep it on. This way nobody misses a thing.

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I guess you could really put an Ipad at the end of the dinner table and everyone could Zoom in at the same time. You could virtually eat together as a family. Some might think this is silly but every family is different and video conferencing out with the family is at least something. I know my son really missed cousins right now and he could use that moment to see everyone.

Zoom has seen the business go through the roof during the pandemic since everyone is working from home. That makes it easier to give people globally the opportunity to visit with each other all at once.

It's just another thing that when you see photos you'll know exactly what year it was. Taking family photos through Zoom says, "that was 2020!" I'm sure that will be followed by stories.

This begins on Thanksgiving day and ends at 6 a.m. the day after.


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