Baby animals are the absolute cutest! It's a universal fact, I'm sure. Whenever the timeline on social media gets too depressing (there's a lot of that lately, am I right?), you can count on a picture of a newborn animal to bring the "awwww" and lighten the mood. If you're smart, you go down a cuteness spiral looking up all the pictures of cutie critters. I'm partial to baby pigs. But I didn't know anteaters were the sweetest little things until today!

On December 23rd, 2020, Zoo Boise anteaters Gloria and McCauley became proud parents of their newest pup. Zoo Boise took to Instagram to share the exciting news this morning along with pictures of the mama-baby duo.

How utterly adorable can you get?! I think anteaters are the new sloths for sure. Especially when they're this precious as babies! If you want to see for yourself in person, as detailed in the post, the public can check them out in their new indoor exhibit. You'll have to look closely since the baby will likely be camouflaged against its mother's back like it would be in the wild at this stage.

Operating hours for Zoo Boise are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.  To accommodate for social distancing, there are a set number of tickets per day and must be reserved in advance. I know, coronavirus loves to make things difficult. At the very least it makes for a reduction in lines. Head to to reserve your spot so you can see these cuties in person!


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