I hate to admit it, but sometimes I let my kids watch a lot of TV. I know I'm not supposed to, but the day gets so busy sometimes it's easier to let them be entertained by a screen while I get chores and errands done. I know I can't be the only parent guilty of this. In any case, during one such day I actually ended up getting sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole of watching trick shot videos with my boys. The videos where someone makes an insane shot like throwing a golf ball from 100 yards away through a hoop to knock a marble off of a can on a fence. Crazy stuff like that.

One of the biggest channels on the YouTube is Dude Perfect. The channel's description is simply "5 best buds just kickin' it. If you like Sports + Comedy, come join the Dude Perfect team!" It's pretty vague, but I understand why. It's hard to describe what exactly they do. But essentially it's a group of (attractive AF) dudes executing hundreds, maybe thousands, of variations of trick shots like the one I described. And this is the channel that my kids and I spent hours watching one night. It's addictive and satisfying watching them pull off these cool stunts. And 55.8 million subscribers agree.

They're so popular they have gone on tour and had wild success performing trick shots live in front of thousands of people. And now that the pandemic is calming down, they are going on tour again. Their initial schedule left Boise out in the cold, but they recently added 6 new cities and Boise made the cut! Dude Perfect will be hitting ExtraMile Arena Friday, November 5th 2021. You can sign up to get in on the pre-sale tickets which is probably a good idea because their 2019 tour sold out quickly.  I can't wait to surprise my kid with tickets for his birthday.

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