More of your money could be going toward health insurance next year. But just how much more?

And there is one insurer that could decrease rates.

You've got the chance to share your opinion with the decision makers now before rates are locked in.

The Idaho Department of Insurance is considering the numbers now from several health insurance companies, and almost all of them are proposing rates that are higher for 2019.

While the DOI is reviewing the numbers, they're sending the reminder that we should weigh in if we think rates are unreasonable or unjustified.  If the current rate requests hold, the average health insurance premium would increase by about 8 percent across the state.

Select Health is the only company listed on the DOI website that would have lower rates in 2019.  The bronze and silver service levels at Select Health would edge down a smidge.

Rates at Blue Cross of Idaho would be 9- to 12 percent higher, starting January 1.  PacificSource Health would raise rates between 14- and 27 percent.  And hang on for this one.  Mountain Health CO-OP has proposed rate hikes between 18 and 68 percent.

If you have thoughts, send 'em in!  You can reach the Idaho Department of Insurance HERE, and they'll be taking comments for the next few weeks.  The final rates will be set by September, or early October at the latest.

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