I've always had a soft spot for Gordon Ramsay because my husband worked in his restaurants in Vegas for years. And he's always been kind to my husband and the rest of the staff. But that's probably because they were already vetted and hired by his restaurant team. Trying to get into Hell's Kitchen on the reality competition show Hell's Kitchen is obviously a different ball game.

It's TV, so the stakes have to be high and dramatic. The intense angry schtick of Mr. Ramsay will never subside as long as the cameras are rolling. I wouldn't dare enter Hell's Kitchen. Mostly because I can't cook, and also because I am too sensitive to deal with that. But Idaho's own Ava Harren, better known as Avaflava, is ready to take on the challenge!

Avaflava is equal parts fit fanatic and culinary creative, marrying the two with her meal prep business aptly called AVAFLAVA'S. Her goal? Help you build your best body with proper nutrition while serving your palate flavorful dishes you'd never equate with the descriptor "bland." She's also competed in bikini shows and marathons, proving her food gets the job done.

Starting Monday, May 31st, 2021 you can catch her competing against 18 other chefs in Hell's Kitchen's 20th season dubbed, "Young Guns." All contestants are 23 years old or younger. I hope she kicks everyone's butt, and know she probably literally easily could. If she wins, she'll have to leave the 208 for a bit to work at one of Ramsay's restaurants...or he could open a spot in Downtown Boise? Fingers crossed!

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