There are a lot of celebrities who either come from Idaho, have homes in Idaho, or visit Idaho on vacation. Aaron Paul is from Emmett. Dick Van Dyke is not from Idaho, but Dick Wesson is. Marie Osmond's mother, Olive, was born in Idaho and her house still stands today as a bit of a tourist attraction. Henry Winkler likes to fish here and snapped some awesome shots of himself on a boat while smoking a cigar. Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell vacationed through here earlier this year.

The first African- American Playboy Playmate of the year was Renee Tenison, who hailed from Caldwell, Idaho. Also from Caldwell, the late Jay Pickett who was a beloved soap star from daytime soap operas like Days of Our Lives and Port Charles. But there's someone who lives in Idaho that may be long forgotten. And spooky season is definitely the season to remember!

Who is Pat Priest? She played Marilyn Munster on the 60's classic television show, The Munsters! Now, she wasn't the first actress to play the character, but she's the one you remember. Beverly Owens left after just 13 episodes and then the gorgeous Pat Priest took over for the remainder of the show.

Now in her 80's, she's living a chill life in Idaho. According to IMDb, she had been restoring and selling homes here for 20 years before retiring. Just in time for Halloween, you now know that a legend lives amongst us. Now go pay tribute by being being Marilyn Munster for Halloween.

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