The weather here is still acting all kinds of weird. We've had some literal freezing days along with some days reminiscent of summer. Rain has been showing up randomly along with wild winds. It's made dressing appropriately a bit of a struggle. Should I be wearing this hoodie but pair it with shorts? A tee-shirt and sweat pants, perhaps? A tank top in some cases. A full on rain coat in others. But eventually, sooner than later, winter will show up. Winter in fall will show up. And that might sound annoying, but it's going to offer some of the prettiest scenery you've ever witnessed.

And I'm not talking about you going out to a ski resort like Bogus Basin or heading out to Tamarack Resort to see snow covered hills and snow capped mountains. When it's winter in the City of Trees, just stepping outside your front door or driving through a run of the mill neighborhood is a beautiful sight to behold.

Photo by AngieMorales

You can't tell me this frosted mini wheat looking tree doesn't belong on a postcard. And it's just chillin' right at the entrance of a residential neighborhood.

Photo by AngieMorales

The juxtaposition of those brilliant fall leaves against snow makes this otherwise mundane neighborhood look like it belongs in a holiday movie's opening sequence.

Photo by AngieMorales

This quaint house has small town Hallmark Channel Christmas movie vibes with its light frosting.

Seriously, winter here is Gram worthy without trying too hard. Never mind that it's cold and driving in snow is a nightmare. It's just really so pretty.

Caldwell's Winter Wonderland Festival Lights

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