Don't you hate it when you park your bike outside Flying M Coffee so you can sit inside for a cold brew, and an evil miscreant steals it despite you locking it up? And even if you didn't lock it up because you're a sweet, trusting individual, shouldn't you feel safe parking it outside for a little bit? How about when your kid forgets they left the house on their bike and comes home covered in dirt from playing in a field with the neighbors without any recollection of where they left the Mongoose you got them for Christmas? Basically it's a bummer when beloved bicycles go missing, no matter what the circumstance. But the Boise Police Department is providing a service to help when that happens.

They've partnered with Bike Index, a nationally used bicycle registration service, to help get your lost or stolen bikes back to you. When you register your bike in the Boise Bike Index, police will easily be able to connect you with your two wheeled companion using your bike's serial numbers and contact information you provide. All the information on how to set that up is right here. You can also register your bike after its gone bye bye even if you don't have the serial number.

So while the bike index can't prevent your bike from being stolen or lost, it can help reunite you later. And you know what they say; If you love something, let it go. If it comes back it's yours. That's how you know. It's for keeps yeah, it's for sure...wait, those are Christina Aguilera lyrics. And I don't even think it applies to missing bikes. I'm just saying this service will help get your bicycle back to you.

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