It's 24 hours of forced lovey dovey!  And it makes some guys cringe.

Valentine's Day can be a sweet holiday and just the thing that some couples need to recharge, refocus, and give a ho-hum relationship a much-needed shot in the arm.  But if you're already happy in your relationship and everything is fine, Valentine's Day can add a level of pressure that some people, especially guys, just don't want.

Why do some guys hate Valentine's Day?

Some say it's the longest 24 hours ever!  There is stress over how many texts to send throughout the day, how often to say "I love you," and how many gifts to get.

How about just do what feels right fellas?  But it had better feel the same as what we girls are already thinking!  Okay, so maybe there is pressure.

Others say it costs too much.  When you factor in dinner, gifts, flowers, chocolate, cards and all of that, the cost gets into the hundreds.  And then you might break up.

Valentine's Day can be stressful.  But if we don't act, and don't do something, its big trouble.  It can tick people off and damage relationships beyond repair because there was no box of chocolates.

And it's not just couples who stress over Valentine's Day.  It's moms too.  Do you have to send Valentine's to school for every kid in the class?  Yep!  The girls and I put together 49 hand-written Valentine's yesterday, with suckers attached.  The kitchen table was a mess.  And there are Valentine parties to attend and red shirts with hearts to get laundered and ready.  Valentine's Day is a lot about detail.

You know who loves Valentine's Day?!  Single people!!!!!!  Woohoo!  We lovingly refer to the day as "Saturday."  We get to go out and have a laid back, stress-free time with our friends and count our lucky stars that we don't have relationship drama to deal with.

And we'll probably be watching 50 Shades of Grey with our girlfriends.  Listen to win your way into the screening!  That would be a great way to kick the Valentine stress.